Sunday, August 30, 2009

Whispers and Wishes

ScrapShana has a new, dreamy kit in the shoppe at
Digiscrapaganza called Earth Angel.
I fell in love with this kit as soon as I saw it...
soft, muted earth tones and a touch of whimsy.

(I think this kit was made for scrapping Little Miss)

take a look at a few of the pages I have made using
Earth Angel

Head on over to Digiscrapaganza and check out
Earth Angel while it is on SALE

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Be Inspired Challenge at GDS

I have finally finished up with August's posting bonus for participating in
the Be Inspired Challenge at GoDigitalScrapbooking.

To find out how to snag this goodie, read about the challenge HERE

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anatomy of a Page: Only You

I love Speed Scraps, and to be honest they are the only pages I make in two hours.
Most of the time I spend at least twice as much as that on a page, and if I journal, that can take me forever.

I tried a few things out on this page, with drop shadows, inner and outer glow and adjusting opacity levels. Someone asked how I did this, so here is an attempt to walk through some of the different effects I tried out.

Step One:
  • Choose a photo. (I loved this photo and the confident attitude of my daughter)

I really like the photo, but I wanted to soften it -- there was too much green from the grass.
I also wanted the photo to be more subdued to match the kit I was planning on using.
So I duplicated my photo layer, and changed the layer to black and white.

I then changed the b&w layer (make sure this is on top of the color layer) to "color"
Then I adjusted the opacity layer down (to 65%), allowing some of the original photo to show through. The photo below is the end result.

The important thing to do is play around with the adjustment modes, experiment until you get a look you like. There is no right and wrong.

Step Two:
  • Choose a background paper
I chose a paper from Dancing Princess Design's kit Dance In The RainII, the AddOn

layered another paper from Dance In The Rain above the floral paper

and changed the blending mode to luminosity, to get this result

Step Three:
  • Create a layered background, sort of like creating a mat, or a page border
I duplicated my grey paper that I changed to "luminosity" in the step above
And decreased the size to 96% of the original, and centered it. This is the result

Step Four:
  • Create a mat for the photo and place on the page

Step Five:
  • Add Wings
This has several steps.
I used swirls from Dance In The RainII, the AddOn
I duplicated the wings, and placed them as if they were attached to Little Miss's back, keeping the wings layers above my photo to be able to place them
I linked these two wings together, and duplicated them (there will be four wings layers)
The duplicated wings layers (and linked all four wings), were then moved behind my photo, but above the photo mat
I did some erasing on the wings layers that are above my photo
(I used the lasso tool and the magic wand to select the area of her body, and then erased those areas)

If you look closely to the wings, you will see a soft bluish halo
I got this effect by adding a soft drop shadow, and here is the fun
an "outerglow"
I changed the color of the "outerglow" to a dark blue
I got this color directly from my background paper, using the color picker too
(that is an easy way to get the colors from the elements you are using)
For those of you who want to try this out, my outerglow was set to
"soft light"
opacity 34%
0 noise

spread 64
size 72

color of the outer glow is: 1c454b

Step 6:
  • Add my journaling
Part of the Speed Scraps rules called for journaling
I was running out of time, so I chose to use some words and put the text on a path
I chose a fun font, TK Doodle that has a whimsical flowing feel

I used the selection tool to create a circular shape
I filled this with the paint bucket and moved the circle around the photo until I liked the placement
I then selected the circle and created a path based on this shape
Next I chose my font, with the path active, and started to journaling words and feelings

(I will save Texts On A Path for another time, but it sure gets addicting)
Once I was happy with the placement of everything, I deselected my circular shape
so that I could use it later

Step Seven:
  • Embellish
I added the other elements to my page and a little bit of journaling
based on the Speed Scrap instructions, hardware, strings, wrapped ribbon

Step Eight:
  • Some finishing touches
I used the embroidered heart from Chase the Blues Away by Dancing Princess Designs
I wanted a little bit more behind my photo, but soft and subtle
Something that didn't jump out and grab you, but added a little something
I layered the embroidered heart blending my photo and photo mat layers

Here is what it looks like

It is a soft effect, but adds just a little bit of interest
And here is how I achieved that softness
I used the embroidered heart as a "clipping mask"
I duplicated my bluish grey background paper and clipped this paper to the embroidered heart element
At first it will seem that there is nothing there since I used the same paper and the same positioning of the paper.

To have it stand out, I added an "Outer Glow" to the embroidered heart element
I chose color #a2664f an orange, based on the colors in the page
Here are the outerglow settings I used:
"soft light"
opacity 57%
0 noise

spread 79
size 19

Step Nine:
  • My last detail -- draw attention to the photo
I went back and forth with the step and wasn't sure
The rules of the speed scrap called for a circular shape, and while I journaled along a circular path, I thought I needed to define the circle a bit more.

For this I did use an acrylic style. Some day I will figure out how to do this one on my won, but I have fallen in love with the Clearly Styled Acrylic Styles by Bec's Bits. I love being able to click one button and get some neat style that would take me hours to get on my own.

Remember that circular shape I used to journaling along?
I moved this layer above my photo, and applied an acrylic style
I wanted a little definition, but not alot
Here is what the final page looks like

And that is how this page was created.
The page doesn't have many embellishments, but I used some fun effects
Play around with your scrapping software
See what you can do with it
Try out a few new techniques
You might find something that you like to do, and
the more you use a technique or effect, the easier it will be to duplicate

Thursday, August 13, 2009

only you

Little Miss had the best time at the petting farm
She walks as if she owns the world, and I was taken with this photo
The confidence she has amazes me

I am going to use this photo for tonight's Speed Scrap at GDS hosted by Dancing Princess Designs
I love that we often get a little "hint" about how many photos will be needed
I usually spend too much time searching through photos, and when I need multiple photos for an SS, it just throws me for a loop.

To get this effect,
I duplicated my photo layer
I adjusted the bottom layer to b&w
I changed the blended mode of the top layer (oringal image) to multiply
I then reduced the opacity layer to 60%

Be Inspired and Be Happy

For this month's Be Inspired Challenge at GDS,
I chose an Etsy treasury as the inspiration.
This is my page for the challenge. I duplicated my photo, colorized the duplicate layer a soft brown, then set that layer to soft light and reduced the opacity. I also did a bit of color burning on Little Miss's face.

You can find out more about the be inspired challenge and how to snag the posting bonus this month by clicking HERE

and here are the papers
(i am still working on getting the elements done and all packaged up, but this layout of Little Miss and her favorite pony Thunder, was made using the be happy posting bonus for the challenge)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I love using photo masks in my scrapping.
I think they are a fun and easy way to make a great page quickly

Dancing Princess Designs has a cool new mask called Bliss

And, here is a page I made using the mask.

I always loved this photo of Little Miss all wrapped up in a blanket after her tubby.

I chose the background paper from Once Upon A Time by Dancing Princess Designs
I duplicated the paper layer and clipped this to the Bliss PhotoMask (because my photo wasn't large enough to cover the entire area of the mask and I wanted Little Miss's face to appear in the middle of the mask)
I then clipped my photo to the Bliss PhotoMask
I really liked the tone on tone, so I continued that with the elements I chose.
I used a curly ribbon from Once Upon A Time and again clipped my original paper to this.
I had it slightly off, so that some of the original ribbon would show through.
I then added a drop shadow to the ribbon, so that it would be slightly raised from the background paper.

I used a few different alphas to create my date and title (Dance in the RainII, Mark It Date Stamps, and Full Hand Alpha all available at GoDigitalScrapbooking by Dancing Princess Designs).

I have some wonderful news
Dancing Princess Designs now has a newsletter
To sign up for it, simply email a request to

If you would like some more fun, easy tips and trick to help with your scrapping, head on over to the DancingPrincess Designs blog HERE and try some out for yourself.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

for the love of Pete

Little Miss had fun today at the petting farm and play time in the pool with our houseguests.
The balloons and Bolt cake were a hit for her b-day party, and she was pretty tuckered out by bedtime.

Here's what I used from GoDigitalScrapbooking:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dream In Color

This summer has flown by. August is here and Little Miss is turning FOUR~I don't know where all the time has gone. Here she is doing what she loves, playing outside, picking up leaves in the grass at a favorite park.

I got the idea of using a b&w photo from JAB Design's fantastic word art. You can find this and all the other elements on the page in the GDS August Collab Kit, My Whimsical World. I did some blending of the papers and just had to use the topiary trees to decorate the outside of the fun little house. (DH does not like topiaries, so I take any chance to scrap with them I can get)

Here is a peek at the kit and you can find it by clicking the image below. Just spend $10 at the GDS shoppe (in one order) during the month of August and you can pick up this whimsical kit free