Friday, November 7, 2008

through the years

I made this for SillyBean's Speed Scrap tonight at GDS. What fun!

(click image for credits)

I also had great fun working with Wild Thang by TammyKat Dezigns at PlainDigitalWrapper.
Little Miss's little pink leopard coat, which is just about too small now, was a perfect choice. It was also great fun for me to go back and start scrapping some of those baby photos. It is easy to do that when my camera is over at Canon some where being repaired. This is twice in as many months. I am pretty bummed and hope that they can fix it. It is hard to be without my camera!

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I am so happy with the Memory Box frame I made using Kathryn Estry's Simply Soft and Simply Soft2 kits. Another baby page, I feel like I am on a roll. And, I couldn't pass up the fuzzy wuzzy photo wraps either. They had such texture, and just the little bit of soft fuzziness I saved from some of Little Miss's baby gift packages. There is just something about ribbons! And, I still have a hard time using them from my stash. Thank goodness for digi-scrapping!

I had great fun at Andrea Gold's NSD Chat at GDS. We got a great template to work with and if we posted a layout after the chat using Andrea's template, we got the 2nd side of the template as a participation bonus. Not only that, but Andrea gave away a $5 coupon to her store for attending that chat, and other goodies for afterwards. What a bonus, I just thought I was going to a chat, and I got presents. It was like Christmas. Andrea sure is generous. Here's the layout I made, using mostly Delightful by Veronica Hurly -- you gotta check out this amazing kit!
And, I picked up some awesome weathered CU overlays with Andrea's gift -- the textures are great and Andrea has tons of them in the shop.

Have you seen Art&Soul by Shannon of SillyBeanScraps? Such a great kit and I just love the painterly feel of the elements. SillyBean has some fun new kits out too, and Christmas Card templates! Gotta get working on those and my calendars too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Big Leaf

(click image for full credits)

Such a perfect day to be outside at Little Miss's favorite park. The sun was shining (a huge change from last week's snow and chilly temps), leaves were cascading down from the trees, a man was playing his guitar in the sunshine for everyone around to hear, and we found this huge leaf! I wanted to take a picture and as usual, I got the silly shot of the leaf blocking her entire face! I just had to scrap it.

Monday, November 3, 2008


We went to Little Miss's favorite park before our trip south. It was such a shock to find out that the swing set had been replaced with a different, uncomfortable, and crooked one. She was crushed.

I took this earlier in the summer before the town decided to tear up a perfectly good swingset.
(the new one even has fewer swings!)

Image is clickable. Credits: Sassy Pants by Kathryn Estry

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Speed Scrap with Dancing Princess

I have been enjoying Speed Scraps at GDS.
It forces me to not take forever to decide on things and to limit myself to working with a few kits. A layout in an hour is very unusual for me. I scrap so slowly, changing things over and over again.

This weekend I participated in Speed Scraps with the Dancing Princess herself.
Some of the prompts were difficult for me -- like choosing a three color palette, but I think I like my final product.