Wednesday, October 29, 2008

bat girl vs the cutest little vampire

Little Miss has had fun this year visiting the Halloween Costume Shops with me, in search of the perfect costume. She wanted to be an Owl...hmmm...my online search found very few and most were mascot type costumes. We made a compromise on an Owl Fairy (should be easy to find some fairy costume with browns and make a mask) Well, that wasn't too successful either. The costumes I found were for older kids and adults. I had this crazy idea to make the costume. I thought I can make a fairy skirt. I found a dress in a second hand kids shop, perfect for the embellishing. I soaked that pink dress in coffee for 3 days and finally got a color I loved. Then, I decided I liked it too much to destroy the dress by sewing layers of petals to the skirt.

The plot thickens. I had three of my four petal panels complete. One to go and a super idea of how to easily get the four panels together without damaging the dress. (Half Price Books and a Halloween Costume making book helped me out there)With just one panel to go, I was rushing to pack for our road trip to SC so that I could bring it all with me and finish making the skirt with my MIL. I got sick and wasn't able to finish in time to take with me.

We had our road trip, the beach was gorgeous, and the weather back here was cold. My costume pieces still sat where I had left them. I just couldn't get this done with one week until Halloween. But, I am still sending the pieces to Gram to finish for me, but a 60% sale on a fairy costume, some silk flowers, and my glue gun saved me and a new costume! But, my camera is broken again, so no pictures yet.
I am hoping that instead of trying to repair it, they will send me a brand new one.

Instead, I present Bat Girl
(made with Boo2U by TammyKat Dezigns available at PDW)

and Little Ladybug

and the cutest little vampire

Boo2U has a color palette that I just love with lots of fun embellies for all your silly and spooky pages
(images are clickable)

Pinocchio Noses and Sassy Pants

I seem to be drawn to pretty greens and blues lately. Sassy Pants by Kathryn was a perfect kit to cheer me up. Maybe I have had my fill of this super cold, grey, rainy weather. I love the foliage changes in autumn, but the cold seemed to hit so fast. Last time this year we were playing outside, now we are stuck in with slushy, rainy snow.

Being that my camera is yet again, not working...I have been going through photos that I haven't scrapped yet. This is the same day Little Miss and I gathered chestnuts (or were they Ohio buckeyes) after the storms of Hurricane Ike. There is always something about walking in the woods that reminds me of childhood. I remember walking with my dad and the rest of the family up the hills and running along, without much of any care. The smell of the woods still reminds me of those times. It is always so special to me when I catch a glimpse of the filtering through the tree tops.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blessings with a Blustery Day

Dancing Princess Designs has a new kit in the shop called Blessings -- chock full of chocolately browns, warm reds and blue hues.
So many possibilites!

Blessings is now available at
Check out the great sales and dont miss NSD!

Monday, October 27, 2008

a litlte sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek of a new kit that Kaylek Designs is working on!
I can't wait 'till it is finished and in the shoppe

I had so much fun taking these photos and just couldn't decide on what to use for our Christmas card last year. I got sick, so we didn't use any, but I did manage to get a few photos into my calendar.

Take a peek at the great SALE in Kalek's ScrapDish store before it ends