Monday, September 29, 2008

You at the Zoo

We had a fun day at the Zoo, despite the fact that everything was under construction!
The elephants have been relocated for at least two years as their new habitat is being built. Blackie the Hippo is now retired and will no longer be on exhibit. The giraffes are getting a new home as well, and the bridge construction is still underway. Eventhough we have a Zoo Pass, it is still disappointing. Little Miss was crushed not to be able to see Hippo and was more interested in collecting acorns and crab apples to bring home to Daddy. We did get to see the Stingray Touch and Feel tank, and this time around she was pretty excited about it. I was surprised at how smooth the stingrays feel, and even more surprised as one swam by and splashed us both! So much for that video!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweet Dreams and A Birthday Celebration

Digital Scrap Garden is celebrating it's Birthday with lots of fun games and challenges, and this sweet collab kit, called Sweet Dreams! It is available in the shop free with a $10 purchase, or you can pick it up separately. I made this layout for the Sweet Dreams Collab kit challenge hosted by the fabulous Dancing Princess herself (you can check it out here)!

(images are clickable)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sweet Garden

I loved this photo of little miss sitting in the grass - there was so much of it, that she seemed to be lost in it. She was actually ignoring me as she did not want to leave the park. I am used to seeing her back, a lot, lately.

(click image for credits)

Here is the fabulous kit I used, Sweet Garden by Kaylek Keegan Designs. It is on sale for only $1 right now at Designing-Moments. Check it out -- it is so worth it. Love the colors and textures, and so very feminine! (image is clickable)

And, while you are there -- check out Kayleks' new line -- custom banners and blinkies!
They are so cool!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gathering Chestnuts

I made this for the Heritage Style Challenge this month at GDS. I had never digitally distressed any of my pages, but this was a lot of fun. And, none of that sandpaper sound of grunging up real paper supplies!

After the storms from Hurricane Ike, lots of trees and foliage came down near my house. DD and I went for a walk in the woods and found chestnuts everywhere. She had the best time gathering them and then trying to figure out how to open the shell up to get what was inside. It was a first for both of us. The colors of the chestnuts were amazing, so shiny and rich. It was an experience.

(click image for credits)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cloud Nine, Under A Shady Tree

I had an amazing day -- It started out with a super cool surprise: one of my layouts (my layouts!) was listed over at DST in the gallery standout threads. Never in a million years would I have thought that to happen. Absolutely thrilled!

We went to the woods today and had a fantastic time. The storm (our small taste of Hurricane Ike's winds and damage) left lots of trees and branches down, and to my amazement -- chestnuts were everywhere! Little Miss had the best time collecting them (we always take her basket to the park, just in case) and opening up the outer shells. It was so cool! I have to get the photos from my camera -- I am hoping I got some good shots in.

And, she even walked the entire 1 mile trail in the woods -- the whole thing -- and asked only once to be carried! That was near the end, but we did fill up that basket with goodies. I was very careful not to touch anything I wasn't sure of this time. I am still getting over poison oak in the eye from our last trip to the woods. She collected acorns, leaves, what we called "pig nuts" as kids, some pods and rocks. Her biggest treasure was the grass she picked to bring home for Daddy! She was beside herself with glee!

After she was tucked in, I sat to read my layout comments, only to find that in addition to the Gallery Standouts at DST, my very same layout was posted on the GalleryStandouts blog. I am in shock and disbelief. So, here it is "Under A Shady Tree" that I made using Bubbly Mega-Mini by AmyLeigh Fennell at GDS. I also used a pretty cool brush by Obsidian Dawn too
(click image for full credits)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bloom of the Day

How cool is this? I got Bloom of the Day over at DigitalScrapGarden for my layout, strokes of love. What a treat to see your layout posted like that. I am starting to think that maybe I can scrap
I am never really sure whether people will like what I do, or if I have some different take on reality. The kit really made the layout for me -- it was like playing and making a garden, that I cannot seem to do in the real world!

Here's another layout I made using the Gabby's Closet Series. It is a bit of a change for me with the "white" space, but I did have fun making all the bubbles. I also (accidentally) placed on of the papers over my photo as an overlay and loved the look of it. The b&w was cool and some of the pink tones from the paper showed through, so I kept it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gabby's Closet by Dancing Princess Designs

Can you say, "Wow!"
This bundle of kits by Dancing Princess Designs is fabulous!
Gabby's Closet is amazing -- Check out the bundle here!
Each piece is sold separtately too! (Images are all Clickable)
Now at DigitalScrapGarden -- so many possibilities and what gorgeous color and texture.
The embossed alpha is my favorite! So elegant and feminine

After seeing my layout, I am thinking I should change my journaling to
"you paint your world with little strokes of love" Hmmm. I think I like that better

Have a great day!
Take a peek at the new kits, they truly are wonderful!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day! The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too chilly. We had a great afternoon playing outside and dh's work let them out early in honor of September 11th. So, we got to spend a little extra time together as a family.

(click image for credits)

I do realize that there is always something for us to learn. Little Miss decided to be independent and had to figure some things out on her own. The face she made after realizing that the thistle was not all soft and smooth like other flowers, was, priceless to me. I just hope that most lessons will not be so painful and easy enough to learn -- then I come back to reality!

I used a fabulous new kit by Kaylek Keegan, called Memory Lane and the Little Picnic Alpha. Right now it is on sale at Designing-Moments for the month of September in honor of their super cool, first birthday!
Check it out, all images below are clickable!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

there's only one today

I am still pretty bummed about my camera being smashed up. No word yet as to whether it can be fixed, but I am crossing my fingers. I really do miss it. Using my old camera has really shown me how much of a difference there is, and I just hope it can be fixed.
So, that is my lesson -- not to take things for granted. Being that today is September 11th, I spent some time remembering. It sort of led me on a little path as I looked at some photos from earlier this summer. Seeing the big change in little miss bumblebee these last months and remembering that day, that time, and now, really drove it all home to me.
There is only one today...

And, thus my layout title came to me. I used the fabulous kit, Summer Garden by Dancing Princess Designs available now at DigitalScrapGarden, and played around a bit with the blending modes. I have been doing that a lot more lately and learning some new things and seeing what I like and don't. I have always loved the dreamy photos and crisp clear ones in the galleries... maybe I will figure out how to get there one day with my Photoshop skills, but learning is still fun.

(image is clickable)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Color Challenge

I was browsing through the September Challenges at GDS and saw the gorgeous color pallette for September's Color Challenge.

I thought I would give it a shot. Since being on a creative team, I found I strayed away from my normal style of using papers and elements from several kits. I always had a few favorite items I would use on most layouts, or try to anyway. So, this challenge allowed me to find pieces I might not have used otherwise and I had some fun. I loved what I came up with, but I also realized how much longer it does take me to search through my supplies to find things. So, I am torn now. It really is easy to use one or two kits by a designer who puts in all the thought and effort of coordinating items and complimentary colors. And, it sure is easier to keep track of credits when I don't pick and choose from all parts of my hard drive! But, I still have a hard time doing a few layouts with a kit, and not going back to it! I love the freedom of digital scrapping, and the ability to keep trying new things. I am still learning, but having fun trying to be more creative!

(click image for credits)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ashalee & Sweet, Surprise!

Yesterday I found an awesome message in my Inbox from Ashalee & Sweet.
They had sent me a customer appreciation coupon for $4 -- Wow! I love their store. I am a huge brush aficionado, and their stuff really makes it fun and easy to play around, for a long time.

Here's way I got, some awesome styles -- Check out the shoppe, you might find something you love too!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rose Garden

Wow! Have you seen this fabulous new mini kit by Kaylek Designs called Rose Garden. The colors are gorgeous (what girl doesn't love pink and green?) and what beautiful detail from the papers right down to the doodles! I had so much fun playing with the roses, and for someone who kills even cacti, I was loving every moment of the pretty blooms. Click the image for credits.

And, how cool is this -- I got Layout Of The Day at Designing Moments for this layout.
I am so happy, and what a treat after a pretty horrible day!
And, I did some shopping while I was there. They are having a birthday celebration and all kits are on sale. Check it Out ~ I got some really great buys. Now, I just need more time to scrap!

p.s. If anyone knows how to add a blinkie using BBCode, I'd appreciate any tips!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So Happy

I am so happy to have been accepted on the Creative Team for Kaylek's Designs!
Her kits are gorgeous! Take a look at some of these (images are clickable)
Rose Garden was just added to the store.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moon Chaser

click image for list of credits

This was such a simple layout, but I love the effect. I used a fabulous background paper by Trish Jones, and then blended my photo with a beige background mat. So simple, but it was just what I was hoping for with my favorite photo from the beach.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Absolute Boy

Dancing Princess Designs has her second release to the shoppe at DigitalScrapGarden
It is Absolute Boy, and I absolutely love this kit. I dont have boys, but I do have a nature-loving child who is always outside and on the go. It is just a great fun kit! (Images are clickable)

Here are a few of my layouts with Absolute Boy
(click images for credits)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Garden

I am happy to be on the Creative Team for Dancing Princess Designs.
Jenn's brand new shop is now open at DigitalScrapGarden!
And, the very first kit to land on the shelves is Summer Garden.
Just look at the gorgeous colors and textures. I have to say I am in love with this little bumble bee -- it is too cute! (One of my nicknames for my daughter is BumbleBee!)

Here are a few layouts I have made with Summer Garden.
Click on the image to see Credits

This was our first trip with the little BumbleBee to the apple orchard. She had so much fun!
And a completely different style with this layout using a photo taken last Easter